Congratulations Graduates! 

If you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate this milestone achievement, here are some suggestions that are not only beautiful but give back to youth of a similar age!


This brand new necklace features a stunning pendant inlaid with mother of pearl and featuring a butterfly etched in its centre with a crystal accent. Finished with our bestselling Milestone chain, this necklace was designed as a reminder that anything is possible if you just spread your wings and take flight.



Based on our bestselling Milestone Necklace and made with faceted silver beads interspersed along a gold strand to represent life's milestones, this necklace is perfect for gold and silver girlies alike and is the perfect celebration for another accomplishment! 

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Nostalgia meets luxury in this 14KT gold necklace featuring a minimalist butterfly pendant with outstretched wings crafted to appear as if in flight. Strung on a delicate chain,  this necklace is a reminder of all you are capable of when you let go and take flight.

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It's all about pinky rings!

For women, wearing a pinky ring has long been a symbol of self-love and self-appreciation. Today, pinky rings are still standard among engineers and graduates of special university programs and serves as a sign of prestigious academic accomplishments. But even if you aren't graduating from one of those programs, these rings are still a reminder that you are enough, that you are proud of your achievements and that you honour the beautiful individual that you are. It is a symbol of confidence, empowerment and individualism.

Check out the rings we love to see on little fingers in this blog post!

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We can all use a little luck from the angels so send your new graduate off with a little "luck", "support" or let them know that "change" is on the way as they embark on their new chapter. These bestselling necklaces each carry a different message but are all sure to be loved by the receiver!

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Made with natural white and peach moonstone, a crystal also known as a stone of the divine feminine, this beautiful bracelet was made to empower graduates to make mindful choices by stimulating confidence and intuitive thinking by unleashing their inner goddess.


"What we do in life, echoes in eternity". A classic movie quote inspired us to include this elegant ring among our favourite graduation gifts and as an added bonus, each ring is made out of 14KT recycled gold so we it does good for people and planet!

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Commemorate this milestone with a forever piece!

There's nothing like getting a piece custom sized, chosen and then welded to commemorate the hard work and dedication that graduates have put towards their education so it's no wonder that permanent jewelry has become the most popular gift to give! What's more is that these pieces also commemorate the support of family and friends that have been a part of their journey and is a remarkable token of celebration as new chapters are opened. So grab your friends, family or loved ones and book an appointment to get sparked with your recent grad!

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It's not hard to see why this necklace is a bestseller for graduates. Featuring the guiding north star, this necklace was meant to be worn as a reminder to stay true to your goals, values and self - a perfect token for graduates getting set to embark on a new chapter!


There couldn't be a more perfect gift to celebrate this monumental milestone than our bestselling Milestone Necklace! Handcrafted in 14KT solid gold, this is necklace any graduate will be able to carry with them through life as they celebrate many more milestones. Also available as a bracelet.


As graduates embark on new (and often different) roads, they may not get to see their friends as often as they once did. These necklaces are a great reminder of the special bond that we develop with those individuals and is a great gift to give those that have made our school years a time to remember.

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