Our Materials

At Kind Karma, we believe that high quality materials form a basis for sustainability simply because it keeps fashion out of our landfills. As a result, all our pieces are made from high quality materials that are tarnish, fade and water resistant so you can enjoy them without worry. Here are some of the materials that we use to craft your favourite pieces:

Solid Gold Necklaces

14KT Solid Gold

The most luxurious of our metals, this precious metal ensure pieces are made to last. With it's beautiful sheen, these pieces won't discolour, tarnish or fade and are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. We have found that 14KT is the perfect combination of luxury without being too soft (as can happen with higher carats of gold) and the yellow is a perfect hue to complement all skin tones.

Gold -Filled

Gold-filled jewelry is made by permanently bonding either 12KT or 14KT gold to a core metal (usually jeweller's brass) in two to three layers. Since these layers of gold are on the surface, gold-filled jewelry is considered hypoallergenic and the permanent bonding process ensures that the piece is both tarnish and fade resistant so you can wear it all day, every day! All Kind Karma pieces are also nickel-free so even though we are exposed to nickel everywhere else, you can rest assured, you won't find it in our jewelry.

Solid Gold Necklaces

Gold Vermeil

Since the process of creating gold-filled pieces and components can sometimes be limiting due to the bonding process, some of our pendants and findings can be made from gold vermeil. What is gold vermeil? Gold vermeil is actually a form of plating that bonds gold over sterling silver as opposed to a base metal (i.e. brass or copper). In order for an item to be considered gold vermeil, the plating has to be at least 1.0 microns (double the thickness of gold plating!) in Canada. 

925 Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver is made from 92.5% pure silver for perfect and timeless accessories! It doesn't tarnish or fade although it can oxidize when not worn so make sure you package unworn pieces wellwhen you're storing them to reduce exposure to oxygen! Our sterling silver jewelry is high quality, hypoallergenic and nickel-free for easy and versatile wear.

Diamonds, gemstones and pearls


Some of our pieces may feature diamonds, all of which are conflict-free and responsibly sourced from suppliers who adhere and follow socially conscious practices. Most are natural but in some cases, we do use lab-created diamonds for an alternatively ethical option as well as moissanite which are known for their close relation to diamonds (but with much more brilliance!)

Gold ring with three diamonds


Most of the gemstones in our pieces are genuine and natural stones which come directly from the earth before being polished, faceted and finished to be highlighted in our jewelry! We use a wide array of gemstones in our pieces and since they are natural, they can vary slightly in shade, size and colouring from pictures but we wouldn't change that natural beauty for anything in the world!


Since pearls are (also) a girl's best friend, many of our pieces feature these lustrous gems. We use cultured freshwater pearls in various shapes and sizes. Pearls are delicate so please treat them with love and care!

Freshwater pearl jewelry