Bespoke Pieces

Imagining something specific and special? Let us create it for you! We absolutely love creating custom pieces and would love to make your visions a reality. Just send us a message or email us at


This beautiful bracelet features five emerald gemstones set in 14KT solid gold. Inspired by a similar piece by Tiffany but at a fraction of the price (and made for a good cause!)

Classic hoop earrings featuring two lab-created ethical diamonds each weighing 0.25ct. Set in 14KT solid gold with easy to wear hinged hoops.

These empowering necklaces were made in collaboration with Joyful Hearts Co. to celebrate the journey of life and the ever-"evolving" growth process.

This pearl pendant was created to give some grandmother pearls new life! From mismatched earrings to a beautiful pendant, these pearls are promised to become a new family heirloom.

Made to commemorate a milestone birthday, this 14KT gold puffed heart bracelet was meant to represent the love between three sisters and serves as a reminder of the beautiful bond they share.

Made for the BMO Women of Influence conference, this bracelet was made to represent the shattering of the glass ceiling and the power of female voices when combined to uplift and empower each other.

Hope this page gave you a little inspiration and please feel free to contact us for any bespoke items you would love to see!