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Although it may be the smallest finger, pinky rings make a big statement in both style and symbolism! Derived from the Dutch word pink meaning "little finger",  pinky rings are now getting their turn in the spotlight and with so many requests for these modern day heirlooms, we thought we'd breakdown their significance, historically and in-the-now.


Why Pinky Rings?


Although pinky rings add a unique element of sophistication to your look, it's not just about fashion. For women, wearing a ring on your little finger is a symbol of self-love and self-appreciation. No matter the style, these rings are a reminder that you are enough, that you are proud of your achievements and that you honour the beautiful individual that you are. It is a symbol of confidence, empowerment and individualism.


 Pinky Rings in History


Appearing as early as ancient Rome and through the Middle Ages, pinky rings were associated with wealth and power, often worn by men of nobility as a symbol of their rank and status. 

During the 19th century, Queen Victoria wore a pinky ring and her (many) sons ended up adopting the trend. Also during this era, women wore pinky rings as an indication that they were not interested in marriage which we like to think kick-started the self-love symbolism by showing their desire to choose themselves first.

Today, pinky rings are still standard among engineers and graduates of special university programs and serves as a sign of the prestigious academic accomplishments.


Pinky Rings and Astrological Symbolism


In ancient times, astrologers believed the pinky finger was closely connected to the planet and Roman God, Mercury, so many wore pinky rings as a way to enhance intelligence, communication and commerce - the areas under that powerful God and planet's purview. Today, pinky rings are still seen as a way to connect with the energies of the universe and as a way to align with the energies of Mercury. So, if you're looking for Mercury to work its charm in the areas of communication and intelligence, adorning your little finger may be a good idea!

However, regardless of energies, a pinky ring is still provides a deep connection to the universe and is sign of wisdom and spiritual insight.


Looking to pinky promise to love yourself and show off your independence? Here are some of our favourite options for pinky rings including a few new pieces that we think are just pinky-perfect!



We've also added additional sizes to these favourites to accommodate pinky ring requests! 



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