Personalized Pieces

We love making custom pieces! If there is something that you don't see on this list that you want, please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to let you know if we can make it. As with all custom orders, please make sure you order early so that these pieces can be made in time for gifting this holiday season!

Custom 14KT Initial Necklace

Initial necklaces have been a favourite among our customers for so long that we had to add this to our collection! Handcrafted to order out of 14KT solid gold, these necklaces can accommodate anywhere from 1-6 initials and can be space either asymmetrically or symmetrically. We can also make initial earrings to match - just send us a message!


A classic piece that comes regularly blank, these beautiful tags can also be stamped with an initial to celebrate loved ones. More than one person to celebrate? Not a problem - you have the option to add more tags so you can keep all your loved ones close.


This was our first ever custom piece and is still a favourite among gift givers! Available in gold or silver, this necklace is handcrafted with the birthstones of all those people you wish to keep close to your heart. This necklace can also be made into a bracelet - to order, just write any notes (including the birthstones you would like) in the "special instructions" at checkout and we will get it custom made!


What's more personalized than a piece that is custom made to fit? Never worry about it getting lost or being misplaced with these beautiful pieces that are custom welded to fit. Whether you purchase it as an experience you can enjoy together or as a gift to let someone know how special they are, these pieces are all the rage these days - and we can definitely see why!

TO ORDER simply add the preferred style to your cart and check off the "this is a gift" box". Select any available time in the future and check out! We will reach out to you to give you a gift certificate that you can physically give and will add additional details to follow up with the recipient about their availability.



Celebrate yourself or someone you love with these custom made script initial rings featuring an intricate letter as the centrepiece. Made out of 14KT solid gold, these rings were made to enjoy forever - and to celebrate a forever love, we recommend pairing them with our 14KT Lined Eternity Band.


With an intricately carved front resplendent with elegant detail, this locket was made to house special mementos or pictures. Customize it by putting what you hold dear inside and keep those you love close to your heart.


Although these bracelets come with standard words such as "love", "kindness", "strength" (to name a few), they can also be customized to say a word or name of your choice! What's great is that these messages are "hidden", (unless you know morse code) which makes these custom pieces extra special ;)


Create your very own custom piece by mixing and matching our chains and charms! Whether you're drawn to a specific meaning behind a piece or the beauty of gemstones, these beautiful pendants are sure to be loved by all. You can even add pendants to any of our other pieces - just purchase the pendant and the piece together and send us a note in the "Special Instructions" section that you'd like the pendant attached. For inspo, we love seeing pendants on our Tiny Pearl Beaded Necklace or bracelet ;)



The Algerian love knot, fashioned from three rings that have been intertwined, has often been known to symbolize care and eternal love in relationships. Celebrate your loved ones with this necklace by choosing how many knots you'd like on yours! Also available as a bracelet.


Featuring elongated links, this necklace has been the necklace of the year. Also known as a "paperclip" necklace, this piece is now available in a variety of lengths so it can be enjoyed by everyone. Also available as a bracelet or anklet!

We also love making custom pieces so if there is anything that you've got your eye on, send us an email at and we will let you know if we can get it custom made!