Made with Meaning

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For: Success, Happiness, Good Fortune

Origami hearts have traditionally been given as gifts for success, happiness and good fortune so we took that intention and created a unique pendant that looks like it has been folded in half like a traditional origami heart. Strung on a glittering box chain and crafted from 14KT solid gold, this necklace is a powerful symbol of luck and love.


For: Rebirth, Strength,

As the moon undergoes a continual rebirth every month, we designed this necklace as a reminder of our evolution through life and the challenges and obstacles that shape us into the best versions of ourselves. Through each season, month and year, we continue to grow and this necklace is a reminder of the beauty in our journeys.


For: Protection, Positivity

One of the oldest and most recognizable symbols in world, the evil eye has been used throughout history as a talisman against evil thoughts and energy. And after the last couple of years, it's no wonder that this necklace has been one of the popular to give and receive!

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Carrying unique symbolism and energy with each number, these special sequences are believed to hold messages from the universe or “angels” after which they are aptly named. So whether it’s a message you’ve noticed in the numbers around you or something you wish to manifest, wear it close to your heart with this necklace designed to be more than just a beautiful piece. Thoughtful, inspiring and positive, this necklace is a great gift to yourself or a loved one.

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For: Prosperity, Luck, Perseverance

Bringers of good luck and prosperity, bees also symbolize hard work, dedication and encourage us to persevere through challenges. We decided to make this beautiful symbol into 14KT golden studs that are a perfect and unique way to make you feel like a Queen Bee all day, every day.


For: Friendship, Connection

An homage to the 90's trend but updated for style, these necklaces are the perfect piece to share with friends! Featuring two circles that are different (to represent how we are all unique) but intertwined because that individuality complements the lives of those around us, this has been the bestselling gift of our collection year over year!

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For: Empowerment, Strength

Celebrate your inner goddess with this beautiful bracelet made with natural white and peach moonstone, a crystal that empowers feminine nature to make mindful choices by stimulating confidence. The grey labradorite accents are known to help individuals reach their full potential so this mix makes the perfect power combo for women to navigate our challenging world by unleashing their inner goddess.

World Peace Layers.png__PID:ec0856f0-1b91-420a-8e6a-755706b2da23


For: Peace

Handcrafted with a bold rolo chain from which three minimalist peace symbols dangle at intervals, this necklace is a constant reminder of the beauty and importance of world peace. Available in two different sizes each with a two-inch extender, it's a perfect piece to gift this year!

Birthstone Drop Necklace banner2.jpg__PID:56f01b91-f20a-4e6a-b557-06b2da23ead8


For: Rebirth, Fresh Start

Crafted with gold-filled materials and finished with a polished gold sheen, this short necklace features a snake intricately etched into a gold medallion to create a stunning and meaningful necklace to remind you of the beauty in new beginnings.

Sun Moon Stars Necklace.png__PID:07c3d64d-6cd5-412e-aa4a-9771ae1bc519


For: Love, Light

A pendant to encompass all the incredible bodies of light in the sky, this necklace was made as a reminder to continue to be a light in the world. Strung on a delicate cable chain and bordered with a ring of crystals, this talisman is a perfect gift to yourself or someone who you consider your “sun, moon and stars”.


For: Loyalty, Staying True

Just as the North Star served as a guiding symbol for ancient wanderers and travellers, this necklace was designed as a reminder to always stay true to personal goals, values and self. This necklace has been super popular as a gift for recent graduates and students!


For: Good Karma

We couldn't make a list of meaningful pieces without including karma! This classic piece has long since been a customer favourite and is a simple yet elegant reminder that what goes around comes around. May you fill it with kindness and may it bring kindness back to you!


For: Transformation

Although butterflies have made a comeback this season, they have always been a central figure in our company because of their symbolic ties to the transformation process. This stunning necklace features an elegant butterfly medallion carefully crafted out of 14KT solid gold and strung on a glittering box chain. Beautiful in style and meaning, we hope you wear this necklace as a reminder to keep growing and transforming into the amazing individual you were born to be.

Calm and rolo bracelets.png__PID:4211b776-58c0-483c-909d-4bdf7b626069


For: Aromatherapy, Calm, Tranquility

This bracelet is perfect for the world we are living in! The black lava beads,  are perfect for grounding and enhancing a sense of calm but are also natural essential oil diffusers. So place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the beads and get your aromatherapy on the go!


For: Gratitude, Good Fortune, Luck

Featuring many tiny gold coins, this necklace is not only super fun to wear but also represents good fortune and gratitude for the blessings that we are lucky enough to receive. We designed it as a reminder to always be grateful for what we have and to remember how "bountiful" our lives truly are.


For: Protection

Ward of negative vibes with this beautiful 10KT ring featuring a delicate evil eye accent. Enameled in a neutral black tone and finished a tiny crystal accent in the centre pupil, this is the perfect ring either on its own or worn as part of a stack. Delicate yet durable, it's also a great choice if you're looking for a new pinky ring!