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Whether you want to add sparkle to your everyday style or want that glamorous-on-the-go look, this quick guide to essential chains and pairings is your new best friend!
Gold or silver chains are capsule pieces for any jewelry collection. With different lengths, thicknesses and finishes, our chains are perfect for mixing and matching and are also a great foundation for your favourite pendants and charms. Their timelessness and elegance make chains the perfect staple no matter what the occasion but to make sense of all the differences, here is a quick breakdown of the differences between each classic. 


What's the difference?


Our chains vary in textures but don’t spare quality. No matter the type of chain, all of our pieces are hypoallergenic, resistant to tarnishing and fading and nickel-free. Here are some favourites from our collection:  



 1. Linked Chain:

Also known as a "paperclip chain", this bestselling chain's main feature is its set of uniquely elongated links. But don't mistake this for any paperclip chain, ours features bolder and bigger links for a more impactful statement that you won't find anywhere else!

 2. Double Curb Chain:

This bold chain features two curb chains linked together in a parallel pattern to form an intricate and detailed necklace that is sure to add texture and glam to any stack or outfit.

 3. Cable Chain:

This is the perfect chain for anything! A go-to for pendants or a chain to add a little flair to your stack, this is staple in all jewelry wardrobes.

4. Figaro Chain:

Another statement piece that we’ve made even bolder is this stunning chain that features a pattern consisting of three shorter links separated by one elongated oval link. 

5. Serpentine Chain:

Formed from S-shaped links that are connected to form a sleek and flexible chain, this slinky chain is easily a signature piece for any style.

6. Thick French Rope Chain:

One of the most popular chains because of its gender-neutrality, rope chains feature links twisted together to resemble a rope. Our rope chains have been additionally been faceted so the links reflect and catch the light for extra sparkle. 

7. Singapore Chain:

Comprised of diamond cut links that are flattened and twisted, this design has an excellent fluidity and sparkles beautifully when the links subtly twist to catch the light. 

8. Bar Chain:

This beautiful chain features carefully dapped bars subtly hammered to catch and reflect the light and is framed with delicate gold wire before being joined to the next link.

9. Rolo Chain:

The perfect cross between bold and minimal, this beautiful chain is the piece that everyone’s been raving about. A new wardrobe essential, this chain is made from half-round wire so that it is flat on the inside but rounded on the outside. 


Our favourite layers:



The perfect stack to wear all day every day, this layered look is  an easy staple that's sure to make your accessory styling a breeze. 

1. Linked Chain Necklace

2. Cable Chain Necklace

3. Bar Chain Necklace





Featuring some of our new bold classics, these three chains combine for a bold look that is sure to up any the statement of any outfit.

1. Double Curb Chain

2. Serpentine Chain Necklace

3. Figaro Chain Necklace





This layered look is a classic that combines bolder pieces with more subtle ones to create a versatile look that you won't want to take off. And since they feature 14KT gold materials, you won't have to!

1. 14KT Cable Chain Necklace

2. Thick French Rope Chain Necklace

3. Singapore Chain Necklace

4. Rolo Chain Necklace


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