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Summer time often means lazy days, fun in the water and lounging on beach chairs. But extra activities don’t necessarily mean less bling so we often get asked: what’s the best jewelry to wear through water, sunscreen and back-to-back events? 

While our gold-filled jewelry is tarnish, fade and water resistant, we always recommend extra care to preserve longevity so for the most carefree, I-never-take-it-off jewelry, there’s nothing better than solid gold jewelry.

Although we used to equate solid gold pieces with an equally solid financial investment, things have changed to make these pieces much more accessible. And while you may not want to make the splurge on every single piece, we always recommend getting jewelry staples in solid gold so you can enjoy them worry-free – before passing them on as family heirlooms for generations to come.


What is 14KT solid gold?


The purest gold is 24k, which has 24 out of 24 parts gold with no other metals present. 14KT gold means that 14 parts of the 24 are gold; so this means that the metal is 58.3% gold and 41.7% other alloy. Depending on the other alloy present, this gold can be more yellow or pink in tone and is the perfect combination of affordability, durability and appearance.


Here are some staples we think everyone should definitely have in 14KT gold:


Chain Necklaces:

 Whether you wear it with your favourite charm or as a stand alone piece, chains are a must-have staple that does wonders to elevate your overall look. Plus, they're simple enough to wear with any and every outfit and play well with any other pieces you feel like layering on. Here are some of our most popular 14KT gold chains:



Minimalist Rings:

Rings are a great way to make you feel glam and we recommend investing in ones that are more classic in style so you can enjoy them no matter what trend happens to arrive. And since minimalist rings layer so well together, you can create a multitude of styles by mixing and matching just a few staple pieces! Make sure you check out:









 Classic Earrings:

With high quality materials, you'll never have to worry about changing your earrings or sensitive ears! With elegant styles, natural gemstones and classically derived inspiration, our solid gold earrings are a favourite among youth and adults alike!








14KT Permanent Jewelry 

 Permanent jewelry has become the most popular option for those that want a completely worry-free experience! Choose from a wide variety of 14KT gold chains and charms to create a unique memento designed and made especially for you. So whether you like bracelets, anklets or even necklaces, come visit our studio to create a piece that is customized to fit you perfectly - and forever! 

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What is 10KT solid gold?


10k gold is composed of 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy and is the least expensive option when it comes to fine jewelry and solid gold metals. 10Kt gold also stands up extremely well to wear and tear due to the increased alloy and we love it because of its (extra) durability and affordability.


 Some of our 10KT gold pieces:






 Did you know about Afterpay?

Use Afterpay to make splurging even easier! Afterpay allows you to pay for pieces in installments so whether you’re celebrating a milestone for yourself or gifting jewelry to a loved one, solid gold pieces have never been more accessible.

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