"Oh, The Places You'll Go"

You first read this youth's story when she bravely opened up about her experience in sex trafficking. Now, with the first month of school coming to a close, we wanted to share her continuing journey in a new place, in a new environment as she pursues a post-secondary education to better herself. We are so proud of her and her undefeatable spirit and hope you will celebrate her success along with us.

"We all sometimes dream of running away, of escaping the mediocrity of daily life, and starting over again. I too spent a lot of time wishing I could escape my own life. I was tired, frustrated, and annoyed at going through the motions, of having to see the same places, people and things that had previously caused me so much pain, on a daily basis.

It was as though some sort of supernatural force had answered my prayers and gave me a way to start my life over again by going to university. All it would cost is $64,000. I knew that this was the opportunity I needed to reinvent myself and to get away from everything I had grown tired of. I ended up applying to 5 or 6 universities, without the intention of going too far from home. Then like destiny, I was accepted into the University of British Columbia within a month of applying. And something inside of me knew that is where I needed to go. And so I did.

But it wasn’t as easy as packing my bags and going. I had no money, couldn’t work, had no family support, and was in a constant battle with my mental health. I had no idea how I would be able to move across the country all on my own. As the months went by, however, everything seemed to fall into place. Scholarships and grants would cover my tuition and housing costs, I found the right medications to deal with my mental health, and I found new amazing people to support me in my new journey.

Now almost a year since I first applied, I am sitting in beautiful British Columbia, the sun hitting my face as I lay in the grass surrounded by the mountains. I never knew the difference moving to a completely different environment could have on my mood and how I view life. It has been almost a month since I’ve moved here, and I am 100% confident that my decision to move here was the right one, and my life will never be the same again."

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