How to care for your jewelry

Kind Karma pieces are handcrafted with high quality materials because they were designed to be enjoyed instead of worried about. It is one of the reasons why our pieces are sustainable – after all, how sustainable is tarnished costume jewelry that ends up in the landfill after a season of wear?

However, nothing is indestructible and there are always best practices when it comes to caring for jewelry so that it can last as long as possible. Here are five of our top tips for keeping your jewelry as pristine as when you first got it:


1. Avoid contact with water

Although nothing will happen if gold-filled or sterling silver jewelry does come into contact with water, it is recommended to avoid contact with water just so pieces can maintain their amazing condition for as long as possible. Also, this helps you develop the habit so you definitely remember to take off your jewelry before hitting the pool, hot tub or ocean as salt water and chlorine can definitely cause damage.



2. Carefully store jewelry when not being worn

For those pieces that don’t get added to the outfit of the day, we recommend storing them either on a jewelry rack or in individual pouches. Since our jewelry is delicate, it can often create a headache if it is all thrown into a box together (you wouldn’t believe the knots!) so even if it does ultimately get put in a jewelry box, we suggest putting each piece in a small bag or pouch before placing it in the larger box. This also prevents jewelry from scratching as it comes into contact with other pieces. If you happen to already have learned how much jewelry tends to knot itself if left alone, a head pin or needle can help with untangling the knot. That, and a bit of patience to unravel it!


3. Take off jewelry before exercising

Aside from sweat which can sometimes harm jewelry over an extended period of time, we recommend jewelry be taken off when exercising so it doesn’t accidentally get caught in any equipment (anyone else ever accidentally hit their bracelet with a dumbbell?!) Exercise often means exertion so just to keep pieces safe, we recommend taking them off while you get your gym fix since they’ll look fab whether they get a workout in or not 😉


4. Avoid contact with perfumes, lotion and other chemicals

It’s summer so we’re all lathering up sunscreen and bugspray but if possible, try to avoid coating your jewelry as you coat your body! These chemicals (as well as those found in perfume and body lotions) can get into cracks and crevices which can damage jewelry over time and cause it to lose its shiny luster.


5. Clean jewelry with mild soap and soft bristled toothbrush if needed

Jewelry gets dirty just like everything else so if things start to look a little less sparkly, it could be because it’s hiding under a bit of dust and dirt. To clean it, we recommend using a bit of mild soap and gently brushing it (if it’s really stuck) with a soft bristled toothbrush. Rinse each piece after and don’t forget to fully dry jewelry if you are storing it to prevent trapped moisture!



We hope these tips help to keep you (and your jewelry) sparkling!

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