Holiday Gift Guide

With the difficult year many of us have had, gifting meaningful presents to those close to us has become extra special. So to help give you more inspiration, we wanted to make a sequel to our first gift guide of thoughtful presents for the special people in your life

A lot of thought is put into each piece designed at Kind Karma, including the fact that we also give back to the Canadian community. All of our jewelry is also hypoallergenic, tarnish, and fade resistant so it can be enjoyed every day by the wearer. 

And as we all know, postal delays are a norm at this time of year so if you'd like, we can ship presents directly to your friends and family! We are also happy to include custom notes from you - just leave us a note with what you want us to write and we can include it with any piece we send.


For The Yogi: Aromatherapy Pieces


aromatherapy pieces


Yogi or not, everyone can use a little help staying calm and relieving anxiety these days. Both the Aromatherapy Choker and the Find Your Calm bracelet feature genuine lava stone beads which are known for grounding (it is volcanic rock from the earth after all) and carries the special ability to naturally diffuse essential oils. So bring your favourite scents with you - and make every place as zen as your local yoga studio. 




The Go-Getter: Milestone Strand 


Created with gold beads interspersed along a delicate gold strand, this piece is meant to represent life’s many milestones. No matter big or small, every milestone we reach is important (just getting through 2020 should be marked as an accomplishment, right?) and sometimes, we just need a reminder as to how much we have actually done to encourage us to keep doing more. Whether you choose the milestone bracelet, strand, or anklet this special gift is a celebration for all the amazing things accomplished and encouragement for all that will be achieved.




The Traveler: Seashell Necklace


With the pandemic grounding the majority of the world, travel hasn't been possible but we hope this Seashell Necklace brings back memories of sunny days, warm weather and travel experiences like no other. It features a small clam shell as a reminder that the simplest things in life can bring immense happiness. Wear this necklace as a memento of all the places you've been until you can visit those places (or new ones!) again in the future. For an even more genuine beach necklace, check out our Clam Shell Necklace or Conch Shell Necklace that features natural shells!




The Dreamer: Crystal Celestial Set




There is something magical about the stars and some people derive comfort from reading more promising futures in their patterns. Our Celestial Crystal Necklace is perfect not only for the astrologer but also for those that bring light in darkness and shine bright despite obstacles. This necklace will serve as a reminder of all we can do to dispel darkness with kindness and love and makes a great set with our Celestial Crystal Earrings!



The Caregiver: Morse Code Beaded Bracelet




To the ones that always take time to give back to others, we love gifting the Morse Code Bracelet. These bracelets helps them carry a special message from you and words such as kindness, strength, hope, or even a custom word like “thankful” can let them know just how much you appreciate them. A truly meaningful gift that they will never want to take off and a special (secret) bond between you not only this holiday season, but for years after.



We hope you enjoyed this gift guide and have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

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