For your gals


With the launch of our permanent jewelry collection, we have loved seeing friends (including mothers and daughters!) come by to share the experience of getting pieces put on. It's a great way to commemorate the bond between those who know you best and what better way to say "I'll stick by you through thick and thin" than with a piece that will last as long as your friendship? With different styles to suit every preference, it's the new version of friendship bracelets that everyone is raving about!


We know the holiday season has been a favourite time for proposals so if the question was popped to you, CONGRATULATIONS!! We know you are eager to start planning but of course, the key to planning a big event is to enlist the help of those closes to you. So if you are thinking of popping the question to your besties, we've got you covered with easy bridesmaid and maid of honour cards that complement our jewelry! It also helps that our simple styles make the perfect accessories for any bridal style and is a hit among brides ;)