Made with Meaning

Although all of our pieces are made with intention and carry special meaning and symbolism, these are some of the favourite gifts that customers have given to send extra little messages through jewelry.


For: Mindfulness, Intention

The three beads that centre this necklace represent past, present and future with the centre bead made of gold rutilated quartz to create a magnifying effect on the present. This necklace is meant to be worn as a reminder to stay present and enjoy each moment, without worrying about past or future. Make it a set with our Be Present Bracelet!


For: Staying true

Just as the North Star served as a guiding symbol for ancient wanderers and travellers, this necklace was designed as a reminder to always stay true to personal goals, values and self. This necklace has been super popular as a gift for recent graduates and students!


For: Strength, Individuality, Resilience

Although the Tree of Life carries many different meanings, we created this piece because trees have the ability to withstand storms and winds. Those elements ultimately shape the branches into unique forms so this necklace was meant to not only symbolize strength and resilience but to also celebrate unique individuality.


For: New Beginnings

Another symbol with many meanings, we love how this beautiful flower rises up out of murky, muddy waters and so for us, this necklace represents new beginnings. It is an intention we set with each youth artisan that we hire so we hope it resonates the same way with you!


For: Gratitude, Good Fortune, Luck

Featuring many tiny gold coins, this necklace is not only super fun to wear but also represents good fortune and gratitude for the blessings that we are lucky enough to receive. We designed it as a reminder to always be grateful for what we have and to remember how "bountiful" our lives truly are.


For: Good Karma

We couldn't make a list of meaningful pieces without including karma! These simple studs feature a delicately textured circle to remind you that what goes around, comes around. May we continue remember to spread good and kindness! Make it a set with our bestselling necklace.


For: Gratitude, Kindness, Love

We designed this necklace with a puffed, or "full", heart as a reminder to always approach life with our hearts full - full of love, kindness, gratitude and positivity, even when the going gets tough. Sometimes, attitude makes all the difference so we hope this necklace helps find the little joys in every day.


For: Calm, Help with Anxiety

This bracelet is perfect for the world we are living in! The black lava beads, featured in the centre of this bracelet, are perfect for grounding and enhancing a sense of calm but are also natural essential oil diffusers. So place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the beads and get your aromatherapy on the go!


For: Celebrating You!

Featuring tiny beads to commemorate all life's milestones, this necklace was meant as a celebration of life's momentous occasions both big and small. It can be worn as one long strand or wrapped around twice to create a layered look - either way, we are sure this necklace will be loved!


For: Peace, Courage

While Athena is more regularly known as the goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, she is also the goddess of peace, courage and handcrafts (which is what we do!) Featuring her sacred owl, we hope this necklace is worn as a reminder of courage, especially when promoting peace in the world.


For: Calm, Help with Anxiety

Similar to the Find your Calm bracelet, this necklace is perfect for grounding through both its gemstone properties and its aromatherapy abilities. Since it acts as a natural diffuser, it is great for those who prefer wearing essential oils to perfume and the adjustable length makes it perfect for anyone to enjoy!


For: Strength and Resilience

The cactus thrives even though it grows in the harshest conditions on this planet which is probably why it has become a symbol of strength and resilience. We hope this necklace is worn as a reminder that no matter what happens in life or what obstacles we encounter, we have the inner strength and resilience to overcome and thrive.


For: Connection

This necklace has been one of our most popular pieces all year because it has meaning AND it's so versatile to wear! Featuring elongated links as its main characteristic, this necklace was designed as a reminder of all the important connections and that despite all the distancing, we are still "linked". Also available in a longer, 14KT solid gold version and as a bracelet!


For: Being an Amazing Person!

Moonstone has been known for enabling women to embrace and celebrate their personal power and to unleash their inner “Goddess”. Accentuated with light grey labradorite crystals, known to assist in helping individuals reach their full potential, this necklace is perfect for all the goddesses in your life! 


For: Communication, Justice

Connected to the throat chakra, blue jasper has long been a gemstone linked to nobility of spirit and is known for imparting courage to speak out against injustice. It also conveys the strength to withstand any potential unpopularity in defending the vulnerable and is perfect for those who are committed to making a good difference.